Who Are We?

Vivero Imperial was founded in 1984 due to the absence of a horticulture industry that provided the required quantity and quality of trees and shrubs needed for residential, commercial and government use. The company started with a nursery in Montemorelos, the most important agricultural zone in Nuevo León. Several thousand trees were planted in a 250,000m² area, as well as 250,000m² more in General Terán in 1990. At the moment we have more than 100,000 trees at different growth stages with trunk caliper size from 1.5” to 19” and from 5 to 50 feet tall.

The trees of Vivero Imperial possess the structure, form and genetics that enables them to grow in a constant form. By using the most modern techniques like ferritigation, where more than 180 km of irrigation pipes cover our lands, we have been available to obtain healthy trees with ideal size.

Careful selection of our species and serious quality control in their growth stages has permitted has given us the best species for public urban spaces, industrial parks, corporate offices, and residential projects. Our trees are specifically adapted for urban life. Their trunk clearance and proportionate canopy enables them to fulfill their most important tasks, to help the well being of the city by providing a fresh and dense shade, as well as a beautiful landscape.